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Incoming PhD Student, Northwestern University

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Posted at — Jun 12, 2020

Books and Stuff

My Reading List has, on average, 47 books on it at any given point of time. However, my most ambitious project by far has been to finally complete the Discworld books! Ever since I read Guards! Guards! earlier this year, I’ve been meaning to get my hands on the entire series. So here I am, stuck at home in the Age of COVID, currently reading: Sourcery (7/41)


During my undergrad years, I spent a lot of time doing theatre with my uni’s Drama Club. Some of my favourite playwrights are Edward Albee, Annie Baker and Will Eno.

I directed three full-length stage plays, assisted on two others, and competed at national-level collegiate theatre competitions thrice. Here’s a poster for the last play I ever directed - Duncan Macmillan’s Every Brilliant Thing, which we also adapted for a more Indian context.

You can find some cool posters we made for my other plays on this page.


I really like writing poems and essays (about films, books and me!), and I even send them out into the world on rare occasions. Here’s a poem I wrote that I really like, and here’s another. You can tell me what you think about them, or not, it’s okay.

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